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Your teenager may be the highlight of your life, provide happiness, joy and love  but do you really know what your teen is getting up to?

In modern society it is important to have a solid grasp on who your teen associates with and what they are doing. At Gunn Investigations we can tailor an investigation to provide a solid understanding and background insight into the people your teen is associating themselves with.

As adults we all know teens can make spontaneous decisions that may affect the rest of their life and we can enable you to better understand the risks your child may be facing.

We also engage in custom teenage lure projects to give your teen a firsthand idea of the dangers of social media and just how bad things can really get in a short time.


A recent example by Coby Persin which received significant media attention is below in both the boy and girl versions and highlights the inexperienced decisions that teenagers can make and the consequences of these actions. If you think it could not happen to your teen then watch the videos below.


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