Unique Operations

No investigation, lost data or surveillance operation is too difficult with the proper mindset. At Gunn Investigations we have handled some unique matters that required both innovation and perseverance to achieve results where few could.

If you have a matter that has perplexed and intimidated others we would love to hear from you and welcome the challenge of rising above the competition to exceed your expectations.

A few examples of complex matters we have handled are outlined below;

We were approached by a company that had been suffering theft from their warehouse site whereby the perpetrators would come and go as they pleased in the dead of night. A manned surveillance position was unable to view the activity in the darkness until we deployed out infrared camera team.

IR Theft image 3

The three men were filmed breaking and entering the premises and were subsequently identified as employees of the company. Our professional investigators had liaised with the local police prior to the operation and this resulted in the successful interception of the crooks as they exited the premises and their arrest and conviction for theft. They were caught red-handed as they carried their stolen loot out of the warehouse!!

Rural observations is something not everybody is cut out for. Imagine sitting stagnant in a rural observation post just waiting for that crucial evidence to capture. This skill is something that we do not take lightly. Rural observations have their place along with other surveillance techniques. If used correctly, the rural observation post can be an invaluable tool to achieve results where others cannot.

Rural surveillance 2A recent matter that resulted in major outcomes for those involved could not have been completed without the professional use of a rural observation post. The operation resulted in a great outcome for the client and many more after that in a range of difference environments and locations. The rural observation post is not merely limited to the bush setting and can be deployed in all manner of environments with the right preparation and reconnaissance.


Have You Exhausted Your Resources?

Are You Finding that the Authorities Can’t Help You?

Having a problem and not knowing where to find help can be extremely frustrating and can make you very anxious.

Do you own a business that is continually being broken into? But the Police say that they cannot catch the offender.

Has your partner left and taken the children? But you have no idea where they’ve gone and how you can find them.

Do you have a stalker who is sending you threats? But no-one can find out who they are or why they are harassing you.

Not being able to get to the bottom of problems, such as these, can take its toll on your health. You begin to second-guess everything you do, and question why it is happening to you.

Don’t try to deal with the problem by yourself, or let the situation become difficult to manage. Find out the truth!

Gunn Investigations can get you answers.

As government licensed surveillance operators and intelligence gatherers, we’re able to help businesses and individuals secure their premise, property and information. We’ve handled hundreds of cases that were difficult.

After years of experience in the field, we’ve found that all cases need a unique approach because they’re all different. This is where our professional expertise and backgrounds come in handy. Many of our private investigators have military or police training and we’re able to uncover the facts that others may not be able to find.

Gunn Investigations perform unique operations and investigations. These comprise of, but are not limited to:

  • Rural observation posts
  • Long term surveillance solutions
  • Difficult investigations
  • Tricky or challenging investigation
  • Australian investigation
  • International investigation
  • Theft problems
  • Unmanned camera operations
  • Unusual or ‘outside of the normal’ investigations

Gunn investigations offer you a professional and reliable service.

We pride ourselves on getting information for you fast, and discreetly.

We have female and male operators and consultants who can talk to you about your problem. All information you provide to them is confidential. We can also provide you with an estimated cost before you hire us, so there is no hidden surprises.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hire Gunn Investigations. Get answers.

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